Does Great Clips Take Apple Pay?

In today’s digital age, mobile payment methods have gained popularity due to their convenience and security. People are increasingly relying on their smartphones to make payments in various settings, including retail stores, restaurants, and even salons. Great Clips, being a well-known and customer-focused hair salon chain, understands the importance of embracing modern payment methods. In this article, we will explore – does Great Clips take Apple Pay as a payment option, along with the benefits and ease of using this mobile payment solution.

What is Great Clips?

Great Clips is a popular hair salon franchise with thousands of locations across the United States and Canada. They offer affordable and high-quality haircuts for men, women, and children, making it a go-to choice for many individuals and families. With their convenient online check-in system and skilled stylists, Great Clips strives to provide a seamless experience for their customers.

The Convenience of Mobile Payments

In a fast-paced world where time is of the essence, mobile payments have emerged as a convenient alternative to traditional payment methods. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can securely complete transactions without the need to carry physical cash or credit cards. Mobile payment solutions offer enhanced security features, such as tokenization and biometric authentication, making them a safer option compared to traditional payment methods.

Apple Pay: A Brief Overview

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to make payments securely using their compatible Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Mac computers. Apple Pay utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology and works in conjunction with the device’s built-in biometric authentication, such as Touch ID or Face ID, to authorize transactions. With Apple Pay, users can store their credit and debit card information digitally, eliminating the need to carry physical cards.

Does Great Clips Take Apple Pay

Now, the big question: does Great Clips take Apple Pay? The answer is yes! Great Clips has embraced the convenience of mobile payments and has integrated Apple Pay as a payment option in their salons. This means that if you’re a customer at Great Clips, you can use Apple Pay to pay for your haircut and other salon services.

Here is the Great Clips Store Locator to help you find out the nearest store to your location.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Great Clips

Using Apple Pay at Great Clips offers several benefits for customers:

  1. Convenience: With Apple Pay, you can leave your wallet at home and pay for your haircut using just your iPhone or other compatible Apple devices.
  2. Speed: Apple Pay transactions are quick and efficient, allowing you to complete your payment seamlessly and reduce waiting times.
  3. Security: Apple Pay incorporates advanced security features, including tokenization and biometric authentication, ensuring that your payment information remains secure.
  4. Digital Receipts: When you use Apple Pay at Great Clips, you can receive digital receipts directly on your device, making it easier to track your expenses and manage your haircut history.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on Your Device

If you haven’t set up Apple Pay on your device yet, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Ensure compatibility: Check if your device supports Apple Pay. Apple Pay is available on iPhone 6 or later, Apple Watch Series 1 or later, iPad Air 2 or later, and Mac models with Touch ID or a Secure Enclave.
  2. Add your cards: Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the “+” sign to add your credit or debit cards. You can also add cards by going to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Verify your cards: Depending on your card issuer, you may need to go through a verification process to ensure the security of your payment information.
  4. Set a default card: Choose which card you want to use as your default for Apple Pay transactions. You can change this setting at any time.
  5. Enable Touch ID or Face ID: If your device supports biometric authentication, set up Touch ID or Face ID to authorize Apple Pay transactions.
  6. Add cards to other devices: If you have multiple compatible devices, such as an iPad or Apple Watch, you can add your cards to them by following similar steps.

Once you have set up Apple Pay on your device, you’re ready to use it at Great Clips and enjoy the convenience of contactless payments.

Using Apple Pay at Great Clips: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have Apple Pay set up on your device, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it at Great Clips:

  1. Check-in online: Before heading to the salon, use the Great Clips online check-in system to find a salon near you and add yourself to the waitlist. This will help save time and ensure a smooth experience.
  2. Arrive at the salon: When it’s time for your haircut, arrive at the Great Clips salon and let the stylist know you have checked in online.
  3. Choose your services: Discuss your desired haircut and any additional services with the stylist. Once you have finalized your choices, the stylist will provide you with the total amount due.
  4. Make payment: When it’s time to pay, unlock your device and hold it near the contactless payment terminal. Your device will recognize the terminal and prompt you to authenticate the transaction using Touch ID or Face ID.
  5. Authorize the payment: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment. Once authorized, you will receive a confirmation on your device, indicating that the transaction was successful.
  6. Collect your digital receipt: If you wish to receive a digital receipt, ask the stylist to provide it to you via email or message. This will allow you to keep track of your expenses and have a record of your visit to Great Clips.

Using Apple Pay at Great Clips is a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for your haircut, offering a seamless integration of modern technology into your salon experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Apple Pay at all Great Clips locations?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at participating Great Clips salons across the United States and Canada. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local salon beforehand.

Are there any additional fees for using Apple Pay at Great Clips?

No, there are no additional fees for using Apple Pay. You will only be charged the regular price for your haircut and any additional services you choose.

Can I still use other payment methods at Great Clips?

Yes, in addition to Apple Pay, Great Clips accepts other forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, and traditional debit cards.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Yes, Apple Pay incorporates advanced security features such as tokenization, which replaces your card details with a unique identifier, ensuring that your payment information is not stored or shared during transactions. Additionally, biometric authentication through Touch ID or Face ID adds an extra layer of security.

Can I earn loyalty points or rewards using Apple Pay at Great Clips?

Great Clips has its own loyalty program called “Great Rewards.” You can sign up for the program and earn points toward free haircuts and other exclusive offers. You can use Apple Pay for your transactions and still earn loyalty points as per the program’s terms and conditions.


In conclusion, Great Clips does accept Apple Pay as a payment option at their participating salon locations. By embracing the convenience of mobile payments, Great Clips offers its customers a seamless and secure payment experience. With Apple Pay, you can leave your physical wallet behind and easily pay for your haircut using your compatible Apple device. The integration of Apple Pay at Great Clips enhances the overall convenience, speed, and security of the transaction, making your salon visit even more enjoyable.

So, next time you visit Great Clips for a fresh haircut, remember to take advantage of the convenience and security offered by Apple Pay. It’s a modern and efficient way to complete your transaction while enjoying the exceptional services provided by Great Clips.

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