Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay?

Dollar General, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. As technology continues to shape the way we make payments, you may wonder if Dollar General accepts newer payment methods like Apple Pay. In this article, we will explore the compatibility of Dollar General with Apple Pay and provide valuable information about the convenience and benefits of using this digital payment method. So let’s check out – does Dollar General take Apple Pay.


In today’s fast-paced world, digital payment methods have gained significant popularity due to their convenience and security features. Apple Pay, introduced by Apple Inc., is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make payments using their compatible Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a revolutionary digital payment system introduced by Apple Inc. It allows users to make secure and convenient transactions using their Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Mac computers. With Apple Pay, users can link their credit or debit cards to their device and complete payments seamlessly.

At its core, Apple Pay utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology, which enables contactless payments. Users simply need to hold their Apple device near a compatible payment terminal and authenticate the transaction using Touch ID, Face ID, or their device passcode. The process is swift, eliminating the need to physically swipe or insert cards.

One of the key features of Apple Pay is its emphasis on security. When a card is added to Apple Pay, the actual card number is not stored on the device or Apple’s servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored in a dedicated chip called the Secure Element. This adds an extra layer of protection, as the card details remain private and are never shared during transactions.

Apple Pay is accepted by a growing number of retailers, both online and in physical stores, making it a versatile payment method. It supports various types of transactions, including purchases, in-app payments, and person-to-person transfers. Additionally, users can also use Apple Pay to make payments within participating apps and websites.

How does it work?

To use Apple Pay, users need to add their eligible debit or credit cards to the Wallet app on their Apple device. The cards are then securely stored on the device’s secure element, a dedicated chip designed to store sensitive information. When making a payment, users can simply hold their device near a compatible payment terminal and authenticate the transaction using Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode.

About Dollar General

Dollar General operates thousands of stores across the United States, offering a variety of products ranging from household essentials to groceries, electronics, and more. With its widespread presence and affordable prices, Dollar General is a popular choice for many shoppers.

Payment Methods

Dollar General accepts various payment methods to cater to the needs of its customers. Traditional payment options include cash, debit cards, credit cards, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT). Additionally, Dollar General has embraced digital payment solutions, allowing customers to make purchases using mobile payment apps and contactless payment methods.

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay – The Answer

You might be pleased to know that Dollar General does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. This means that if you are an Apple Pay user, you can conveniently make purchases at Dollar General stores using your compatible Apple device.

Here is the Dollar General Store Locator to help you find out the nearest store to your location.

Research and Findings

According to our research and findings, Dollar General began accepting Apple Pay in 2023, joining the growing list of retailers that embrace this contactless payment technology. With Apple Pay, Dollar General aims to provide its customers with a secure and hassle-free payment option.

Alternative Payment Methods

While Apple Pay is a convenient option for Dollar General shoppers, it’s worth noting that there are alternative payment methods available for those who prefer different digital wallets or payment methods. Here are some popular alternatives:

  • Google Pay: Similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay allows users to make secure payments using their Android devices. It offers a seamless and quick checkout experience.
  • Samsung Pay: Exclusive to Samsung device owners, Samsung Pay utilizes both NFC and magnetic secure transmission (MST) technologies, allowing users to make payments at virtually any payment terminal.
  • PayPal: A widely recognized and trusted digital wallet, PayPal enables users to link their bank accounts, credit cards, or PayPal balance to make payments online and in-store.
  • Venmo: Known for its social payment features, Venmo allows users to send and receive money easily, making it a popular choice for peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Contactless Cards: Many banks now issue contactless payment cards that allow users to tap their card on a payment terminal to make a transaction without the need for a physical swipe or chip insertion.
  • Cash App: With Cash App, users can send and receive money, as well as make payments using their mobile devices. It also offers features such as direct deposits and Bitcoin transactions.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay at Dollar General offers several advantages that can enhance your shopping experience:


With Apple Pay, you can leave your physical wallet at home and make purchases using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. It eliminates the need to search for cash or cards in your bag or wallet, making checkout quick and hassle-free.


Apple Pay utilizes advanced security measures to protect your payment information. When making a purchase, your card details are not shared with the merchant, reducing the risk of data breaches. Additionally, Apple Pay requires authentication using Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode, adding an extra layer of security.

Rewards and Discounts

Using Apple Pay can also unlock exclusive rewards and discounts. Some credit card issuers offer cashback or loyalty rewards for Apple Pay transactions, providing additional savings on your Dollar General purchases.

How to Use Apple Pay

If you’re new to Apple Pay, here’s a brief guide on how to set it up and start using it at Dollar General:

Setting up Apple Pay

  1. Ensure that your Apple device is updated to the latest iOS or watchOS version.
  2. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  3. Tap the “+” button to add a card.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay.
  5. Once verified, you’re ready to use Apple Pay.

Making Payments

  1. When checking out at a Dollar General store, look for the contactless payment symbol on the payment terminal.
  2. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the terminal, ensuring that your device’s screen is unlocked.
  3. Authenticate the payment using Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode.
  4. Wait for the payment to be processed and approved.
  5. Collect your receipt and enjoy your purchase.


In conclusion, Dollar General does accept Apple Pay as a payment method. By embracing digital wallets like Apple Pay, Dollar General aims to provide its customers with a seamless and secure payment experience. Whether you’re looking for convenience, enhanced security, or access to exclusive rewards, using Apple Pay at Dollar General can simplify your shopping journey.


1. Can I use Apple Pay at all Dollar General stores?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at all Dollar General stores across the United States.

2. Can I use Apple Pay for online purchases on the Dollar General website?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Dollar General does not support Apple Pay for online transactions. However, you can still use other payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.

3. Which Apple devices are compatible with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone models starting from iPhone 6 or later, Apple Watch models, and newer iPads that have Touch ID or Face ID capabilities.

4. Is Apple Pay secure?

Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure. It uses tokenization, which replaces your card details with a unique identifier, ensuring that your actual card information is never shared during transactions. Additionally, biometric authentication methods like Touch ID and Face ID add an extra layer of security.

5. Can I still earn loyalty points or rewards when using Apple Pay at Dollar General?

Yes, if your credit card or loyalty program offers rewards, you can still earn them when using Apple Pay at Dollar General. Some card issuers even provide additional rewards or cashback for Apple Pay transactions.

In summary, Dollar General accepts Apple Pay as a convenient and secure payment option. By leveraging the benefits of Apple Pay, shoppers can enjoy a streamlined checkout process, enhanced security features, and potential rewards. Whether you prefer using your iPhone or Apple Watch, making purchases at Dollar General has never been easier. So grab your Apple device, head to the nearest Dollar General store, and experience the convenience of Apple Pay for yourself.

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