Does AMC Take Apple Pay? Updated (2023)

AMC Theatre is a famous movie Theatre chain that offers a variety of convenient payment options for customers. While many movie enthusiasts may wonder does AMC take Apple Pay as a form of payment, the answer is both yes and no.

AMC Theatre does take Apple Pay for ticket purchases made online and in the AMC mobile app.

This means customers can easily use their Apple Pay wallet app to securely purchase movie tickets without needing physical cards or cash. However, customers can’t use Apple Pay in physical locations.

Does AMC Theatre Accept Apple Pay?

AMC Theatre now accepts Apple Pay as a payment option, offering customers the convenience of purchasing using their Apple devices. This payment option has been available globally at AMC Theatres since the second quarter of 2021.

By accepting Apple Pay, AMC Theatre aims to enhance the movie-going experience for its customers.

With just a tap of their Apple Watch or iPhone, movie lovers can quickly and securely complete their transactions at the ticket or checkout counter.

How to Pay Using Apple Pay at AMC Theatre

Apple Pay is not accepted for in-person transactions at the ticket or checkout counter in AMC Theatres. Customers cannot use Apple Pay directly in the Theatre to purchase tickets or other purchases.

Here are the steps on how to pay using Apple Pay at AMC Theatre:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  2. Select the credit or debit card that you want to use.
  3. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader at the checkout counter.
  4. Authenticate your payment with Face ID or Touch ID.

Your payment will be processed, and your purchase will be complete.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when paying using Apple Pay at AMC Theatre:

  • Ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch is running the latest version of iOS or watchOS.
  • The contactless reader must be within 1 inch of your device.
  • You may need to update your device’s software if you have trouble using Apple Pay.

Remember, AMC Theatre does offer the convenience of using Apple Pay for online and in-app ticket purchases. Still, it does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment in person at its physical locations.

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Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a game-changer in digital payment methods, offering customers a range of benefits that make it the preferred choice for transactions.

With its nature, Apple Pay allows a quick and seamless checkout process, avoiding the need to fumble for cards or count out cash.

Not only is Apple Pay convenient, but it also prioritizes security. Every transaction is secured with fingerprint or face recognition, providing enhanced protection for sensitive card details.

Another advantage of Apple Pay is the absence of fees. Apple Pay does not charge additional fees to use its service.

Lastly, Apple Pay also offers the opportunity to earn rewards. You can continue earning rewards points or cashback offers from participating merchants by linking your debit or credit cards to Apple Wallet.

Other Payment Options at AMC Theatre

In addition to Apple Pay, AMC Theatres offers various other payment options to provide convenience and flexibility for customers. These options include credit or debit cards, cash payments, gift cards, and the AMC Stubs rewards program.

Credit or debit cards are widely accepted at AMC Theatres and can be used to purchase movie tickets, concessions, and other items. Present your card at the checkout or ticket counter to complete your transaction.

For those who prefer to use cash, it is also accepted as a form of payment at AMC Theatres. You can bring the amount needed for your purchase and pay at the ticket or checkout counter.

Gift cards are another popular payment option at AMC Theatres. These can be purchased online or in-store and can be used for ticket purchases, concessions, and more. They make a great gift for movie enthusiasts or a convenient way to prepay for your movie-going experience.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, AMC Theatres does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. And there are still other ways to enjoy your movie-going experience easily.

One option is to use third-party apps such as Fandango or Atom Tickets to reserve your seats in advance.

These apps allow you to conveniently purchase tickets using various payment methods, including Apple Pay.

Using these third-party apps can easily overcome the setback of AMC not accepting Apple Pay directly.

Whether you prefer to use a debit or credit card, cash, or digital wallets like Apple Pay, plenty of convenient payment options are available at AMC Theatres.

The AMC Stubs rewards program also offers excellent incentives and rewards for frequent moviegoers.

FAQs About Does AMC Take Apple Pay?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Payment Options at AMC Theatres

Does AMC Theatres accept Apple Pay and Google Pay in-store?

AMC Theatres accepts both Apple Pay and Google Pay as contactless payment methods in-store. You can conveniently make your movie ticket and concession purchases using your smartphone or smartwatch.

What other payment options are available at AMC Theatres?

AMC Theatres offers a variety of payment methods to cater to different customer preferences. You can use debit or credit cards, cash, AMC gift cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Traditional payment methods like cash and physical cards are also accepted.

Can I use mobile payment apps like Cash App and Venmo at AMC Theatres?

AMC Theatres accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay but does not explicitly mention Cash App or Venmo as accepted payment methods.

Does AMC Theatres offer other contactless payment options?

In addition to Apple Pay and Google Pay, AMC Theatres supports other contactless payment options, such as NFC-enabled credit and debit cards. Look for the contactless payment symbol at the payment terminal to see if your card is compatible.

Can I buy movie tickets online using Apple Pay or Google Pay?

AMC Theatres allows online ticket purchases using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Select the desired movie and showtime on the AMC website or mobile app, and choose one of these digital payment options at checkout.

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